Canadian Guests On ‘The Experience’!

Meet Tom, Lisa and Kate Marr-Laing (above) from Alberta, Canada, part of a family group who stayed last month at Chanters Lodge in Livingstone. Other members of the family, Chris Kate’s brother, as well as Tom’s parents remained at the lodge while Tom, Lisa and Kate appeared as Guests on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay Hillz. The show airs every Sunday from 20.30-21.30 hrs CAT on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station and is sponsored by the lodge.

Tom told listeners that he and his family were just a day or two away from the end of a month long trip to Africa which had included several members of the family climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. “Wow!” We said, and meant it! They had also visited Kenya and Zanzibar as well as of course Zambia. During their Livingstone visit they had also crossed over to Zimbabwe and had travelled to Botswana, via Namibia, as well. Tom and Lisa are both involved with an NGO in Canada concerned with worldwide social justice, as well as having one or two businesses, one which supplies mini storage facilities and the other dealing with the recycling of empty drinks containers. Kate, sweet sixteen, told listeners she is still in high school. Tom and Lisa have been married for 21 years and had met when they were both involved in protesting the US involvement in Nicaragua. “Was it love at first sight?” Wondered Milli Jam. “Pretty much!” They said.

The music on the show was good – we opened with Canadian outfit Magic!’s hit ‘Rude’. We also featured tracks from Cheryl Cole, Gesh ft Kantu and Franciar. Our oldie of the week was ‘Book of Love’ from Peter Gabriel but no-one won the prize of a dinner for two with drinks at the lodge which we give to the first person to text us the name of the artist. It was a tough one! “Tune in to dine out, next weekend!” We said. Our pick of the week was Bastille’s ‘Oblivion’ and we closed with a new track from Pharrell Williams ft Miley Cyrus.

Tom and Lisa told listeners that they had loved their high tea on Livingstone Island right on the lip of Victoria Falls where they had swum in the ‘Angel’s Armchair’. They wished the guides would not balance right on the edge! They had also thoroughly enjoyed their one day safari to Chobe NP in Botswana, as well as their view of the Falls from Zimbabwe on the day of the show. Tom and Lisa had also very much enjoyed a visit to Livingstone Museum and had been lucky to catch a performance of traditional dancing from the Zambia National Dance Troupe while they were there. They said they would be sad to leave Zambia the following day at the start of their long journey home to Canada.

When asked about his taste in music Tom revealed that he plays the bagpipes and therefore loves music with a Scottish feel to it. Kate told us that Mumford and Sons are one of her favourite acts though she was sorry that they had recently broken up. Talk of UK football was curtailed on this show as our Canadian Guests were more into ‘hockey’ and triathlon!

Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing in ten years’ time, Kate said she would love to be back in Zambia working to promote social justice. Lisa wanted to have grandchildren, while Tom would still like to be working although he would have reached retirement age! ‘Good luck!’ We said.


Krystle The Brave!

Sometimes tourists come to Livingstone just to experience the fantastic array of activities available in the area, with viewing the Victoria Falls somehow a secondary consideration on their itinerary. It seems this was the case for Krystle Cummings (above), young, pretty Canadian Guest on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George da Soulchild Kaufela. ‘The Experience’ is the weekly Sunday night radio show we sponsor airing from 20.30 hrs CAT for an hour on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station. The show is a popular mixture of music and chat with our invited guest, sometimes someone staying at Chanters Lodge, sometimes a local personality. Members of staff at the lodge have also appeared as Guests on the show.

Krystle told listeners that while she had been in Livingstone, she had ridden elephants, swum in Devil’s Pool on Livingstone Island, flown over Victoria Falls for 15 minutes in/on a microlight, gone white water rafting and swung the gorge swing – this last activity ‘more than once’. The scariest? ‘White water rafting!’ She said. Milli Jam wanted to know if there were any activities she wished she’d done but hadn’t, and she mentioned the rhino walk, and the lion/cheetah encounter! She had also been to Chobe National Park in Botswana for the one day safari and had been thrilled to see so many elephants.

Before arriving in Livingstone, Krystle, a Justice graduate from the University of British Columbia, had spent time in Lusaka, staying with a Zambian family on a short internship with Advocacy for Juvenile Justice. This programme had involved visiting juveniles incarcerated in adult Zambian prisons, with a view to trying to bring about a change in this unsatisfactory situation, which, she said, simply leads to a continued cycle of crime. Juveniles locked up with adults had little chance of reform and much more likelihood of repeat offending, she explained. Zambia was one of the very few countries to offer a chance to non-Zambians to visit the prisons and she described her time in Lusaka as an ‘eye opener’.

The music on the show was good. We opened with tracks from Enrique and Avicii. George dropped numbers from Pilato and General Ozzy. Milli Jam chose music from Beyonce and Daft Punk. Our oldie of the week was Amayenge’s ‘Ten Wala’ and the prize we give to the first person to text us the name of the performing artist was quickly snapped up! My pick of the week was R Kelly’s ‘Genius’. We closed with tracks from Daughtry and John Legend.

Krystle told listeners that although she was still single she had a steady boyfriend back in Canada who was just finishing College, as indeed she herself had just finished. Brian (his name) was studying web design, she said, and revealed that he was an adrenaline junkie just dying to come to Zambia to do the bungee jump! Brian was a Manchester City fan though Krystle herself follow iced hockey more than English football. Milli Jam was very happy that Arsenal were top of the EPL as we went on air and took every opportunity to remind listeners of this fact! Our Canadian guest said she was a fan of Mumford and Sons and had recently been lucky enough to have front row seats at one of their concerts, which she had loved. She was also a fan of Kings of Leon.

Asked where she would like to be and what she would like to be doing ten years’ from now, Krystle hoped to have a great job, a nice house and to have travelled to every single continent. Coming from one who had just visited Zambia’s congested run down prisons and risked life and limb celebrating Livingstone’s great adrenaline activities, we had no doubt she would succeed!


Wendy And David Duncan Grace ‘The Experience’

After a couple of weeks highlighting local talent we were back to Guests from Chanters Lodge appearing on our weekly radio programme last week, and we were delighted to host Wendy and David Duncan (above) from Winnipeg, Canada. Wendy and David are both recently retired, David from his job with the Canadian Federal Government as a marine biologist and Wendy as a resource teacher. This was their first major overseas trip since retirement which had already taken them to Tanzania, Zanzibar and Johannesburg. After a brief stop in Livingstone – time enough to do the sunset cruise on the Lady Livingstone which they had loved, and to see Victoria Falls which had amazed them, they would be off to South Luangwa NP in Eastern Zambia the day after the show, for about four days – then on to a week in Cape Town. Wow! We said. Had they done the bungee jump at the Falls, we wondered? “No” was the reply “but we heard the jumpers screaming when we were down at the Boiling Point”!

Our weekly radio show, sponsored by Chanters Lodge, airs each Sunday evening on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station, from 20.30 – 21.30 hrs CAT and streams live on the internet too! One host is George Mukwita aka Soulchild aka Kaufela, one of Livingstone’s up and coming rap musicians, apart from being a full time presenter on 107.7 fm. Main host is Milimo Mudaala, aka Milli Jam, club DJ, radio presenter and entertainment manager – a public figure in Livingstone. We give away a dinner for two at the lodge on each show – to the first listener to text us telling us who’s singing our oldie of the week. On this show the artist was the late Paul Ngozi, famous Zambian musician. The prize was quickly won.

The music on the show was ‘latest’ and good. We opened with John Newman’s UK number one ‘Love Me Again’ back to back with 14 year old Gabz’z smash ‘Lighters (The One)’. George chose Zambian tracks from Karasa and Flex Ville Marley, while Milimo preferred Michael Jackson and Daft Punk for his selections. My pick of the week was ‘It’s You’ by Duck Sauce – different anyway. We closed with Russ Chimes and ‘Turn Me Out’.

Wendy and David told listeners that they’d been married for 39 years and had two daughters, Jocelyn 29 and Rachel 23. Jocelyn is a chemistry teacher while Rachel is still studying. Wendy told listeners how much she admired Zambia’s efforts to preserve their fantastic wildlife by creating so many protected National Parks, and this charming couple had been delighted to see animals in and on the Zambezi as they sailed the sunset cruise the night they arrived in Livingstone. They made special mention of Winston, game guide on the Lady Livingstone, for his great knowledge and good public relations. They were happy with the service from their Livingstone taxi drivers too! And, the sunset over the Zambezi had been dramatic!

Music wise Wendy said she preferred movie themes and Celine Dion, David – Willy Nelson and the Stones. Sports wise they were interested in Volleyball as both their daughters were players, as well, of course, as ice hockey! How had they come to choose Chanters Lodge? One of their daughters and some friends had stayed there some years back, so it was a natural choice, also recommended by their travel agent.

Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing ten years from now, David said he hoped still to be living in Winnipeg as their home base but travelling frequently, as well as cheering Winnipeg Jets to a Stanley Cup victory (ice hockey for the uninitiated). Wendy said she would love to have grandchildren, as well as still travelling with David. We wished them the best of luck and thanked them for appearing on our show.

If you missed the show and would like to listen, here’s the link to the podcast.


The Calgary Crowd on Zambezi 107.7 fm

Actually this wasn’t the whole ‘Calgary Crowd’ who’d been staying at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone, Zambia, there were a couple more back at the lodge! They are big people and it’s quite a small studio! Meet (left to right) Julie and Dallas Mauck with Hobie Schmautz. All hail from Alberta, Canada and were visiting Zambia – and for that matter Africa – for the first time. They were a little hesitant about appearing on our regular Sunday evening radio show on Zambezi 107.7 fm – The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient, featuring George da Soulchild Kaufela – but I twisted their arms and I believe they enjoyed ‘The Experience’ – though it was, perhaps, one of the last things they expected to do while they were visiting Livingstone and Victoria Falls!

During their visit to Zambia, apart from appearing on the radio, Julie and Dallas, married for 20 years this year and celebrating the anniversary with their stunning trip to Africa, as well as Hobie and the rest of the crowd, had taken a 30 minute helicopter flight over the Falls which they described as ‘amazing’. On their second day they’d rafted the famous Zambezi white water rapids – numbers 14-25 which are those open while there’s ‘high water’ – as it is at the moment. I asked Hobie on air if he’d enjoyed the ride and he said ‘well, yes, I did seeing I can’t swim’! The group had also ‘zip lined’ from the famous railway bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe but had, apparently, drawn the line at bungee jumping!
The music on the show was good, we dropped Cheryl Cole’s UK number one hit ‘Call My Name’ back to back with Flo Rida’s ‘Whistle’ at the top of the show. For the Zambian part of our play list we chose Dandy Krazy’s ‘Dangana Nkupule’ as well as B’Flow’s ‘Efyo Waba featuring P-Jay. Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Spotlight’ was our ‘oldie of the week’ – listeners have to text us telling us who’s singing the track if they want to win a dinner for two with drinks at Chanters Lodge – they do and they did, so the prize was quickly won. Milli Jam featured Camp Mulla’s ‘Party Don’t Stop’ – they’re a Kenyan outfit – and for our Canadian Guests we played ‘As Long As You Love Me’ Justin Bieber’s dubstep smash, featuring Big Sean.

Julie and Dallas told listeners that they run their own business back in Calgary – it’s a quick service garage that offers complete oil and filter changes in 20 minutes for US$60. We believed them!! And so too did we believe that you can get used to -45C degree temperatures though I’m not sure I’d want to! The group also told us they’d had a great time in South Africa on safari for almost three weeks before they arrived in Zambia, and that they would be headed back for Canada the day after the show. Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing in ten years’ time Julie said she and Dallas would like still to be healthy, wealthy and travelling! Hobie was ‘hoping for the best’.

Great show!


Musical Instruments from Vancouver to Lusaka

This piece from the Vancouver Sun caught my eye – more especially as I have a sister and niece in Vancouver and family in other parts of Canada too! It’s a great story!

As you read this, there’s a ship bound for Africa with 126 musical instruments on board. They’re all from Greater Vancouver save for one, a double bass, that was trucked here from Toronto. There are violins, guitars, drums, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, cellos, a euphonium, recorders, tubas, that double bass and three pianos, including an old, elegant, and lovingly restored upright that once adorned the hallway of a 100-plus-year-old house on Kits Point.

The ship left Vancouver on Boxing Day for Italy, Oman and ultimately Tanzania, where the instruments will be unloaded and trucked to their final destination, the Ngomo Dolce Music Academy in Lusaka, Zambia and the 100 or so students who study there.

At least if everything goes according to plan, they will. It is Africa, after all, and as Heidi Krutzen (above), the Vancouver harpist who organized the expedition knows, things don’t always run smoothly. Nevertheless, she hopes they’ll arrive in March. And she intends to be there when they do — she left Vancouver Sunday, headed for Zambia by way of Scotland. “I get a lot out of this. I love seeing the smiles on the children’s faces and knowing I’ve made a difference to them. And I learn a lot whenever I’m there.”

It was on a 2011 visit to Zambia that Krutzen learned about the Ngomo Academy. She and a colleague, Jocelyn Banyard, were there working on behalf of Malambo Grassroots, a society they’d created to foster education, village health and income generation for women, when she heard about the stifling three-room schoolhouse and its struggling staff of four full-time and two part-time teachers endeavouring to teach western music to about 100 eager students using a few electric keyboards, drums and, bizarrely, a harpsichord. They even had a small collection of handmade instruments.

“I thought it was wonderful what they were trying to do there,” Krutzen recalls, “but Africa wasn’t supposed to be about music for me. It’s what I do all the time, so I didn’t want to get involved. But when I got home, the wheels started spinning.”

An email to colleagues at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra about the school resulted in a violin, a violin case and a piece of music. The next day it brought a piano. After that, a deluge “from the opera, the freelance music community, music schools, music businesses, the jazz community, the world music community”.

But before it could be sent anywhere, it all had to be recorded, stored, wrapped and boxed, a task that took Krutzen hundreds and hundreds — and hundreds — of hours to accomplish.

No wonder she wants to see it arrive.


Lauren MacLean Dreams Livingstone!

It was fascinating to talk to Lauren MacLean (above), a guest at Chanters Lodge, on the latest edition of The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient, featuring George da Soulchild. ‘The Experience’ is our regular Sunday night radio show airing on Zambezi 107.7 fm from 20.30 to 21.30 hrs CAT, sponsored by Chanters Lodge, and co-hosted by two of Livingstone’s best and brightest DJ’s/presenters! The show also streams lives on the internet on the 107.7 fm site.
Lauren, a nurse by profession, hails from Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada. Before she and husband Robert, owner of a trucking company, left for Africa they raised funds from friends and family to help needy people in Livingstone. Since they arrived, she told listeners, they’d been visiting various projects with the team from Dream Livingstone, a local NGO. Amongst other visits were those to Project HIV and Village of Hope. Lauren told us that as a result of their visit they would be going ahead to make the donations they had planned. “Fantastic!” We said.

Lauren told listeners that on their African adventure, before they’d come to Zambia, she and her husband had spent time in Botswana which they’d enjoyed, despite there having been a lot of rain. They’d also spent two weeks on safari in Tanzania where they’d had a fantastic time in the Serengeti and at the Ngorongoro Crater. From Tanzania, Lauren and Rob had gone to Zanzibar, which they’d enjoyed, although Robert, a scuba diver when he’s on vacation, was disappointed that the windy weather had prevented him from diving in the Indian Ocean.

The music on the show was right up to date as usual. We opened with the latest number one singles from both the UK and USA respectively – Cover Drive’s ‘Twilight’ and Adele’s ‘Set Fire To The Rain’. George chose ‘Bola’ by Ozzy, Ben Blaze and Kabova, being a tribute to the Zambian national football team and the great progress they were making in the African Cup Of Nations, 2012 edition. George coupled this with a super new single from K’Millian simply titled ‘Number 1’. Milli Jam dropped Chris Brown’s ‘Strip’ and ‘International Love’ by Pitbull and Chris Brown. Both great tracks.

Our ‘oldie of the week’ was Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, and the prize for telling us the name of the artist by text, was quickly snapped up! Our pick of the week – tip for the top – was Alyssa Reid featuring Jump Smokers with ‘Alone Again’. We closed with Alexandra Burke’s ‘Elephant’. As usual we gave listeners details about Lodgeblog, our Twitter account @livilodge and all the latest chart news from UK, USA and in this instance Canada as well!

We wondered whether Lauren and Rob had been able to do any of the tourist activities in Livingstone having been so busy with their wonderful volunteer projects. Lauren replied that that very morning they’d taken a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls which had been awesome, and then had spent the day seeing the Falls from the ground. They’d loved it. “How long will you be in Zambia?” Milli Jam wondered and Lauren explained that the next day they’d be leaving for their 27+ hour journey back to cold Canada. She assured listeners that they would be back in Africa one of these fine days..

Milli Jam wondered where Lauren would like to be, and what she would like to be doing, in ten years’ time. She replied that as she loved her job, she hoped she would still be nursing and also that she and Rob would have started a family. We thanked her for her work for the underprivileged in Zambia and for appearing on our show, as well as wishing her the best of luck.


Junior Sililo & Sandra Banda Taste The Chanters Lodge Experience

From time to time we feature members of the Chanters Lodge staff on our weekly radio show – The Chanters Lodge Experience with The Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George da Soulchild. The programme airs on Zambezi 107.7fm every Sunday between 20.30 and 21.30 hours Zambian time. 107.7 fm is Livingstone’s leading commercial local radio station reaching a radius of about 60 kms and has recently started streaming live on the internet, though there are undeniable teething problems in this respect.

The two Chanters Girls featured last Sunday, pictured above, were Junior Sililo (left) and Sandra Banda. Both had guested on previous shows but were excited about re-appearing. Junior told listeners that in the past year she’d moved from the position of Head Cook to Head Waitress in the restaurant, explaining that this also involved cleaning rooms and housekeeping duties. Sandra is also a restaurant waitress and Milli Jam demanded to know who was looking after the restaurant, seeing they were both on the show. The girls explained that they had a colleague Mirriam who’d recently joined the lodge and that she was on duty being helped by Anastasia and Susan (those who must be obeyed!)

Junior told listeners that she’d been employed by the lodge for six years having had some previous experience as a cook in a small restaurant in Livingstone. Sandra explained that she had not worked prior to joining Chanters 1 year and 9 months ago but that she’d undergone a course in food and beverage at Patience Pays Institute in Livingstone. Both girls had of course completed Grade 12 at secondary schools within Livingstone. Milli Jam asked the girls the biggest challenge they faced in their jobs and they had different opinions, Junior saying that ‘every day is a challenge in the hospitality industry’ while Sandra replied that as far as her job was concerned she took everything pretty much in her stride. Junior told listeners that she was busy studying to resit some subjects at Grade 12 level.

The music on the show was a treat for listeners, as usual. We played Example’s UK number one hit ‘Stay Awake’ at the top of the show coupled with ‘There She Goes’ – the latest offering from Taio Cruz featuring Pitbull. George featured ‘Banono’ by Jane Osborne and P-Jay as the first of his local tracks and this produced a reaction by text from the lodge – one of the girls messaging ‘hey that’s our kitchen song’! Next up was Omario with ‘Ichikonko’. I liked that one and asked what it meant. It was eventually decided that the title meant ‘bitter’. Boyz II Men’s comeback track ‘More Than You’ll Ever Know’ went down well.

We give away a dinner for two with drinks at Chanters Lodge on every show. At the moment we’re spinning an ‘oldie of the week’ and asking listeners to text us the name of the performing artist. The response is growing week by week. The general opinion in the studio was that ‘We Don’t Talk Any More’ might be a tricky one for the listeners but it didn’t take long for someone to text ‘Cliff Richard’ and win. We closed the show with Cover Drive’s ‘Lick Ya Down’.

Milli Jam asked the girls if they liked to go clubbing and dancing on their day off. Junior answered ‘Milli Jam, life’s too short not to do that’! Which is your favourite club he continued. ‘Ayoba!’ Yelled the girls in unison. Milli Jam looked as happy as you’d expect for the manager of that particular establishment! “Funny that” I remarked “whenever they have a night off I ask them if they’re going out and they always say no!” More laughter. “Are you dating?” Milli Jam asked the girls. Junior said she had a boyfriend. “Getting married soon?” He asked. “Milli Jam” said Junior “it’s not me to pop the question!” Sandra told listeners that she was ‘very single!’ George sighed.

We wanted to know which UK football team the girls supported and they nervously said ‘Chelsea’ and seemed to be in love with Didier Drogba. “What’s it like having a boss that supports Arsenal?” Milli Jam wanted to know. “We take cover when they lose” the girls replied! Favourite musical artists? Sandra favoured Beyonce, Junior – Kanye West.

The girls were asked where they would like to be and what they’d like to be doing in 10 years’ time. Junior said that she’d like to be travelling the world and seeing different countries. Sandra said she had a dream to be a nurse in Canada with two children (no mention of a husband!) In closing I remarked that it was great to see the girls with so much self-confidence, ambition and class! And so it was!


Alex Shipillo

Alex Shipillo, pictured above before his recent bungee jump from the bridge linking Zambia and Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls, and if you can spot him, doing the bridge swing! Alex stayed with us at Chanters Lodge recently.

Alex Shipillo is a young entrepreneur from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is the President of the Impact Entrepreneurship Group, Canada’s largest youth-run entrepreneurship organization. He’s also the Co-Founder of Youth Canada, the most comprehensive online resource for Canadian high school students. In 2009, Alex was named as one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 by Youth in Motion. He’s also a recipient of a City of Vancouver Youth Award, Millennium Excellence Award, and the Gold Standard of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Alex has worked for 2010 Legacies Now, the Vancouver Board of Trade, and web start-ups TeamPages and Penzu. In addition, Alex spends a lot of his time refereeing high-level soccer. Alex’s interests include youth engagement, current affairs, and mentoring younger students through their own exciting experience Alex is on Twitter @alexshipillo He has a great blog too and was kind enough to write this about us on it:

“When I arrived in Livingstone, I was picked up at the airport by Richard Chanter, the owner and manager of Chanters Lodge. This was another place that I had researched online. Richard was a General Manager of a hotel in Lusaka before moving down to Livingstone in the late 1990s and buying property for a small lodge. At that time, all of the Victoria Falls tourism was on the Zimbabwe side and tourism on the Zambian side was slow. However, in the early 2000s, thanks to Mugabe’s “welcoming” policies, the tourism quickly migrated over to Zambia. Now, at least one new hotel is built on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls every single year! Since that time, Richard has expanded his property to accommodate more guests. Online, he is active on Twitter, and has a 95% excellent rating on TripAdvisor. My expectations were high, but they were certainly exceeded when I got here – I got an excellent room at a great price with spectacular service in Livingstone. Be sure to stay with Richard if you plan on heading down to Livingstone.”

There’s a really good description of his other activities while he was here with us too!

Thanks Alex and thanks for being so brave to do the things you did, and for being kind to Chris!


The Least Or The Most You Can Do?

As usual Seth Godin talks business sense:

“One way to think about running a successful business is to figure out what the least you can do is, and do that. That’s actually what they spent most of my time at business school teaching me. No sense putting more on that pizza, sending more staff to that event, answering the phone in fewer rings… what’s the point? No sense being kind, looking people in the eye, being open or welcoming or grateful. Doing the least acceptable amount is the way to maximize short term profit.

Of course, there’s a different strategy, a crazy alternative that seems to work: do the most you can do instead of the least. Radically overdeliver.

Turns out that this is a cheap and effective marketing technique.”

Says it all really!

The picture? Oh! That’s Joan Rogers and Lawrence Zulu outside Chanters Lodge. Lawrence went out of his way recently to give Joan and her husband an excellent bicycle tour of Livingstone – not at all the least he could do!!


Livingstone Bicycle Tour

We had this lovely email from recent Guests at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone

Hi Richard,

Here are a few pictures from the excellent bike tour that Lawrence Zulu took us on last month. Lawrence was a wonderful guide and showed us places we would have never gotten to. It was definitely a highlight of our time in Africa.

Hope all is well and that the Norwegians are doing well with their teaching. We had to adjust to the minus 30 degree wind chill when returning to Canada. We are so happy we made the trip.


Kindest Regards
Joan & Richard Rogers

Apart from the “minus 30 degree wind chill” bit, isn’t that cute!? And aren’t those great pictures of Maramba Market?

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