Family Visit To Victoria Falls

I drop Guests at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone off at the Zambian side of Victoria Falls so many times a week, especially at the moment during these busy months, but seldom get to see anything much of the Falls myself, other than the spray on my way to work (and that’s a thing of the past now as the river level has dropped and the ambient temperature warmed up). So, instead of falling asleep in front of the TV on my half day off this week, I took five out of my 5+2 offspring to see the Falls and what a wonderful sight it is too! Never fails to impresss.

My daughter Alexandra (16) is visiting on holiday from Kingsmead College in Johannesburg, she’s in Grade 11 and is pictured back left in the photo. Next to her is rapper Michael (23) known as LiquidDanger (after the Falls?) and a keen Gooner. Chris (14) is one of my foster daughters and in front of her Grace (13) is the other. The family photo is made up be Henry age 7 who was quite scared of the Falls. More of that tomorrow!