Guest Rights

This from Hotelinteractive interested me, and certainly at Chanters Lodge we do try to live within these service principles.

“This week GuestRights unveiled its Guest Bill of Rights, a list of the top 10 customer service principles its creators feel a hotel should guarantee whenever someone stays at a hotel. The idea is simple: a straightforward list of promises that imbues guests with confidence that the hotel they booked will provide the experience they expect.

1. Guests have the right to guaranteed reservations.
Reservations will include room type and will be available at the rates quoted. All approved discounts and other offers will be honored. Rooms will be ready at the stated time of check-in.

2. Guests have the right to clearly stated prices and policies.
There will be no hidden fees or charges. Basic amenities will be offered at no extra charge. Prices for food and all additional products and services will be reasonable.

3. Guests have the right to clean hotel rooms.
Rooms will be regularly cleaned and kept to the highest standards.

4. Guests have the right to well-maintained hotel rooms.
All features, amenities and utilities will be in good working order. These include all televisions, lighting, electrical, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning (where appropriate), among others.

5. Guests have the right to clean and well-maintained facilities.
All advertised features and amenities will be in good working order and available for guest use. Restaurants, grounds, and other common areas will be well-maintained and clean.

6. Guests have the right to a satisfying dining experience.
Food will be fresh and well-prepared. Restaurant and room service will be prompt and courteous.

7. Guests have the right to be safe and secure.
Reasonable measures will be taken to provide a safe and secure environment for guests and their belongings.

8. Guests have the right to be treated with the utmost respect.
Staff members will be well-trained and will make every effort to respond to guest inquiries accurately and in a timely and courteous manner.

9. Guests have the right to have all reasonable requests honored.
If a room is unacceptable to a guest for any reason, a good faith effort will be made to move the guest to a room that meets the guest’s satisfaction. Efforts will be made to satisfy every guest in all other areas as well.

10. Guests have the right to have all complaints properly addressed.
A good faith effort will be made to promptly resolve all complaints and customer service issues in accordance with generally accepted good hospitality practices and to the satisfaction of the guest, whenever possible.

Got me thinking though, do hoteliers have rights? For example, not to have hotel property stolen? Customers to respect non-smoking regulations? Guests to have the means to pay? Guests to give “utmost respect” to hotel property, facilities and staff?

I guess we do but no-one talks too much about that do they?

The picture? A rainbow by Victoria Falls