Koan Float

I loved this from HTel Apartments about how to relax in Amsterdam – there are more ways (and no, it’s not what you think) if you click that link and check the piece. Anyway, here for now is the Koan Float

“Forget about trying to relax. You simply can’t avoid not relaxing in a tank filled with very salty water. The technique is not that well known:

Lower yourself in one of the tanks filled with highly salted water. It takes a couple of minutes to adjust, but then the unique experience of feeling weightless takes over. All muscles and organs get a maximum opportunity to relax. Your breathing slows down, the rhythm of your heartbeat calms down. The environment, the warmth, and the feeling of weightlessness combined provide an ideal way to let go of the turbulence of daily life. Your thoughts will disappear into nothingness. Koan Float welcomes you to a different dimension.”

Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it!