Onion Allergy

Thanks to Facebook, you may now be aware that I’m allergic to onion! I only started noticing an allergy rash a few years ago and it took me simply ages and a process of dietary elimination before I concluded that onions were my problem. In more ways than one, because I love the taste! Here’s something from Instah.com via my son Ed.

“If you feel strange discomfort and breakout of rashes etc after consuming onions, you suffer from a rare onion allergy. This allergy is caused by exposure to or consumption of onions. Usually those who suffer from this allergy experience bloating, gas and digestive discomfort. However, generally but not always onion allergy is caused by raw onions.

For those who suffer from onion allergy, cooking the vegetables before consumption might help overcome this allergy in some cases. Usually those who are allergic to onions could also be allergic to garlic.

Onion Allergy Symptoms:
Since onion allergy is a contact allergy, most of the symptoms of contact dermatitis are apparent in this allergy. There are symptoms that occur on the skin, as well as discomfort in the digestive tract. Some of the common symptoms are:

* Breaking out of skin in hives,
* Itching all over the body,
* Bloating,
* Gas,
* Nausea,
* Diarrhea
* Headaches and migraines

Though possible, it is rare for onion allergy to become fatal. Some people who have a severe allergy to onions may go into an anaphylactic shock and should therefore be extra careful while eating these.

Usually, those who claim to have an allergy to onions, are simply intolerant to onions. They may experience cramping and bloating in their abdomen which is because the body is unable to process and digest raw onions. This is usually manifested in the form of indigestion and therefore can be differentiated from an actual allergic reaction.

For onion allergy, anti histamines and over the counter drugs might prove useful. Topical steroids are usually used to treat skin reactions and hives that may have broken out on the skin. If the allergy is severe, contact a doctor immediately.

I’ve been ill this week as a result of one of the cooks in the kitchen at Chanters Lodge forgetting my problem – it happens!