Roberto, Eve and Kaufela

George da Soulchild Kaufela (who recently recorded a very successful single with Roberto) reports.

Zambian Singer Roberto (above) is set to perform in Namibia at Doc Jubber Hockey Field, on 29th Sep 2012 sharing the stage with American Rapper Eve!

Roberto’s latest album titled “My Name Is” went on the market a few weeks ago and seems to have been well received by the local and international market’

One song “Good Woman” has continued to receive massive radio play not only in Zambia but even as far as Rwanda, Australia and Canada, the songs talks about a man appreciating his woman, who has put up with a lot of nonsense in their relationship. I bet a lot of people relate to this, that’s why it’s such a hit at the moment, besides that I think it’s a well written song – the singing is brilliant, so is the production.

Rumour has it that George will be on the show too! Get in!