The ‘Legendary’ Macky 2!


All roads led to the Barclays sports complex in Lusaka last Friday night where controversial rapper, Macky II (above) launched his album. Almost every artiste was at the complex to either watch or support the controversial rapper’s ‘Legendary’ album launch. The show which was initially scheduled to start at 18:00 hours picked up momentum after 22:00 hours and that slowness in attendance can be attributed to Friday being a working day and that people had to go home and prepare for the big show.

After 22:00 hours the security men at the gate had a tough time to control the crowd that flabbergasted them and it had to take several hours for the security to admit the revelers. Not even a free show for a Zambian artiste has attracted the crowd that Macky II attracted last Friday at least so far this year. The Zamtel Chalila powered show started with performances from artistes such as T Sean, Tiye P, Ama Blax, Hamoba, Ken One, Pilato, Chef, Petersen, CQ and Exile.

Despite the name that the supporting artists have made for themselves, the revelers were only interested in the man of the moment though Petersen managed to stir the audience with his Ma Offals and Makwebo Mu Church songs. After the curtain raising performances had finished around 01:00 hours on Saturday morning, the master of ceremonies, K Smash announced the coming of Macky II who stormed the stage while the lights were lit off to mark the grand stage entrance.

Clad in a bulky black jean, blue hood, a purple t-shirt and marching purple airforce one shoes with black sun glasses, the Kopala Swag pioneer went straight into churning his old tunes before embarking on the songs that are on his Legendary album. From 01:00 hours to around 04:00 hours, Macky II performed different songs including Nangu Banchinge with Exile, Mukulu with JK, Ndeloleshafye with Pilato, Seka Uponoke with Chef but the most hilarious moment of the night was when another controversial artist General Kanene joined him.

The embattled Kanene featured on Macky II’s Ndimupondo featuring all-stars song and Mwishina Lyenu but later got the microphone and temporary stole the show from Macky II. General Kanene performed a sample of P Squares Chop My Money amid laughter and excitement from the fans that seemed to have loved his performances and after performing two songs, his third track skipped and could not play but the fans called for his longer stay on the stage.

Macky II continued with his performance and performed Amaka yakwa Lesa and while in action he chased a skimpy dressed girl from the stage amid approval from the audience!