New Rooms Are Open!

“Is that your first Guest?” someone on Facebook asked me, after I’d posted this picture of our newly completed Room 12 at Chanters Lodge in Livingstone! It’s not. It’s Susan Timwindila, currently Acting Assistant Manager while Annastasia Katele, holder of that post, is away in South Africa enjoying (we hope) her well earned annual leave. I was just using Susie as a model, but she’s a good one isn’t she?

We’re delighted to have finished our two roomed extension after some 4/5 months of hard work and a great deal more expenditure than we’d anticipated (as usual). The rooms have one double bed each, private bathrooms with seperate shower and overlook the swimming pool at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone. They have a small veranda – the comfortable veranda furniture is still being made. The bedroom and bathroom floors are finished with ceramic tiles and the rooms are cool and comfortable – they are air-conditioned and have fridges and televisions.

All rooms at Chanters Lodge have wi-fi access for Guests with their own laptops or internet inabled cell phones and there’s a laptop available for hire at the lodge for those who don’t. We give guests one hour free internet time and have internet coupons available for purchase in various units thereafter.

The new rooms will rent for US$95 per room per night, and this price includes full english breakfast, and free transfers from/to Livingstone Airport or the city centre on arrival/departure if required. We think this represents great value for money! Don’t you?



As mentioned on my last post, we’ve been busy landscaping around the new rooms at Chanters Lodge, and have decided to use some more ‘pan bricks’ (as they’re known here) around the rondavels where we intend to have sunbeds.

It’s not a cheap finish (!), but will match the existing and it’s long lasting and strong. The picture shows the builders laying the bricks. Like everything about this project we’ve ended up needing about three times more than we’d originally (wrongly) estimated!


Room 11

Continuing our pictures of the new rooms under construction at Chanters Lodge Livingstone to provide additional poolside accommodation, this picture was taken from inside room 11. The ceramic floor tiles are a soft orange brown, the walls foam white. The rooms are air conditioned and will have a queen sized double bed, a television and fridge as well as a writing table and chair.

There is still a lot of work to do on the landscaping outside the new rooms.


The Other Bathroom’s Blue!

The other day I posted a photo taken through the window of the new room 12 at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone, showing just part of the bathroom which is essentially green. The bathroom in room 11 shown above is very blue – the picture shows the wash hand basin and shower. The room also has a bath and toilet.

I am anxious to have the rooms finished, and tired of shelling out money! The painters are all but through, so too the electricians, although the air conditioner installation remains to be completed. Skirting, shelves, doors and pelmets are all ‘under construction’ and the material for curtains and bedspreads will be bought next week.

Of the two bathrooms I prefer this one – simply because I don’t really like the avocado bathrooms suite in the other room, though the shaded green floor and wall tiles are softer than these!


Good Progress

Here’s a photo showing good progress on the new two room extension at Chanters Lodge Livingstone just 10kms from the mighty Victoria Falls. The photo’s taken looking through the window of the new room 12. The bathroom is generally green – that of room 11 is generally blue.

Remaining to be finished? A small amount of tiling, painting the outside which is in progress, fitting the air conditioners, completion of shelves, doors and other furniture, furnishings and what seems like a host of other ‘small’ items. We’re still looking to be finished in an (optimistic) two weeks’ time.


“Not Exactly A Hive Of Activity”

“Not exactly a hive of activity is it?” A Guest said to me yesterday looking at our two room extension at Chanters Lodge. It was hard to deny. “At the moment we’re waiting for the tilers to finish.” I explained.

We’re using the same tiler we’ve used for previous work and he’s good – but he has a lot of stories.
“The wheel on the tile cutter’s broken and we couldn’t find a new one”.
“The blade’s broken on the tile cutter”.
Yesterday’s? A good one – “A container’s arrived for our family from Botswana and I had to be there to make sure nothing was stolen when it was off-loaded”.

I was delighted this morning, however, when the tiler and his men turned up at 07.30 hrs looking as if they might do some work! I still have some hope that the rooms will be ‘finished’ by November 15th but I’m not going to stress about it, whether there’s a ‘hive of activity’ or not! Such is Africa!

The picture – the view from room 11 while I was waiting for the tilers not to turn up!



“A picture of the stores?” I hear you ask. Well… actually. It’s a photo of ‘my office’ at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone – which is not really an office but the smallest of our ten rooms – at the moment doubling up as an office!

The boxes? Air conditioners, fridges and TV’s for our new two roomed extension which we hope to complete next month. After that? Well, we’d better build an office hadn’t we, and sort out the stores as well!!


Progress Rooms 11 & 12

Just a quick check for you on the progress on our two roomed extension at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone. As you can see the plastering is complete, so too are the concrete floors, and the ceiling is in the process of being (noisily) fitted. Hot water geyzers are due to be fitted this week, and work will start on the drainage at the back of the extension. The tiler should be able to start in (less than?) a week or so.

We seem to be just about on target to have the new rooms finished and ready to let by November 15th.

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